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   Each piece from Mexican Art and Craft is handcrafted by skilled artisans. Unique markings and other variations created during the sculpting, sand casting and polishing processes, accent its authenticity and define its character. While minor scratches may occur from usage, proper care and handling will preserve the shine and brilliant appearance for years to come.


  • Hand wash in warm, sudsy water. Rinse and towel dry thoroughly before initial use and promptly after each subsequent use. Spotting may occur if pieces are left to drip dry.

  • Do not wash in dishwasher, as detergents may cause discoloration.

  • For light cleaning, such as removing dust or fingerprints, use a soft cloth and glass cleaner.

  • To minimize scratching, do not cut directly on surface.

  • When serving acidic or salty foods, such as tomatoes, citric fruits or vinegar, first lightly coat the surface of your serveware with vegetable or olive oil. The oil will act as a barrier and protect your serveware from discoloration.

  • Do not leave food or liquid in your serveware for prolonged periods of time. Remove contents after each use–especially acidic foods, vinegars and dressings. Standing water may cause staining.

  • Serveware holds a refrigerated chill for keeping things cool, and may be heated to 200° F to keep foods warm.

  • As with any metal, do not use in microwave.